The Illustrated Douro (ebook version)


In the second half of the nineteenth century, little was know about the Douro wine-region and the production and trading of port-wine. This changed almost overnight when professor Júlio Máximo de Oliveira Pimentel, chemist, viticulturist and Viscount of Villa Maior together with his companion, the well-known painter, João Pedroso published their observations made during an adventures trip following the river Douro from the highlands of Spain until its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean.

Their work, The Illustrated Douro was published in 1876, describing in Portuguese, French and English, the wine district, its principal vineyards and the people and methods involved in the production, storage and trade of Port-wine. This publication included 25 wood engravings and a photolitographic map based on a survey of Baron the Forrester.

Here you can download the epub version of The Illustrated Douro, containing the English text as well as all the engravings and the map of Baron the Forrester. The text is reconstructed from digital images provided by the National Library of Portugal.

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I hope you’ll enjoy the reading as much as i did reproducing this important work.

Eugène Wüst


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